Temporary storage

Temporary storage of your goods

Reliable, flexible and safe

Temporary storage of your goods near Schiphol airport and port of Rotterdam

Mundo has warehousing facilities at Schiphol airport and in the port of Rotterdam to temporarily store your goods. We gladly offer you the service of safely storing your cargo in one of these Mundo warehouses.

Short-term safe storage of your cargo

If you require short-term storage accommodation, we offer you our services. For example, if your shipment needs to be held for transportation at a later time, you can temporarily store your cargo in our warehouses in the port of Rotterdam and near Schiphol Airport.


We can advise you about the possibility of further shipping your cargo to its final destination. We gladly offer you our services. Your road, air, or sea transport is in capable hands with us.

Mundo can also be of service for urgent transports. Please contact us if you would like to receive a quotation or have any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

Mundo International Logistics Warehouse Loader Using Forklift Truck

Do you require temporary cargo storage? Mundo has warehouse locations in the port of Rotterdam and near Schiphol Airport. Feel free to call +31 (0)186 622252 for flexible options.

Luchtvracht Transport Mundo International Logistics

Storage at strategic and secure locations

The warehouses and depots for your temporary storage of goods are located at strategic sites, close to important routes for road transport, inland waterways, and air routes. Our temporary storage location near Schiphol Airport is ideally situated if your cargo needs to fly out. It goes without saying that we keep a close eye on your goods. They are securely stored and guarded. Mundo International Logistics storage locations provide space for various cargo sizes and quantities.


Mundo International Logistics B.V.(Head office)

Beneden Molendijk 29
3262 AA Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands - route
Chamber of Commerce nr. 52108856

T  +31 (0)186 622252
E  sales@mundo-int.com

Mundo Amsterdam Airfreight

Amsterdamseweg 13N
1422AC  Uithoorn
The Netherlands

T  +31 (0)20 4055071
E  airfreight@mundo-int.com

Mundo Mexico


T (+52) 999 178 1894

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Mundo Internacional Panamá S.A.

C/O Super Cargo

Avenida Randolph,
Lote 16ª-16B – Coco Solo Norte
Colón, Rep. de Panamá

T (507) 439-3600
E  sales-panama@mundo-int.com, operaciones@supcargo.com