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Road transport

We arrange your transport reliably and accurately. For daily groupage, full trucks, and deviating loads throughout Europe, we bring your shipment to the desired destination anytime, anywhere. We take care of your transport by road, short sea, rail or intermodal. Unburdening you and organizing is in our blood. If desired, we provide direct transportation, container trucking, or deliveries on site. A smooth operation, with personal contact. Your transport is planned to the last detail.


We pick up your cargo in Europe and arrange temporary storage in Rotterdam if required. Next, we deliver the shipment to its final destination. Or we plan transport to Aalsmeer to fly out your cargo to its final destination. Similarly, this works the other way around. Incoming shipments can be delivered via road transport. From van transportation, groupage to an entire truck. Transport of your goods is in capable hands with us.

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Road transport in Europe

ADR transport

ADR stands for: Accord européen relatif au transports international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route. Or in English: European convention concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road.

Groupage, general cargo, containers

Oversized shipments and project loads

All permits included

Refrigerated transportation

Customs clearance

Mundo takes care of all customs formalities regarding clearance and the release of your goods for the final destination

Transit, import and export documents

When your goods cross one or more borders, Mundo will arrange the required transit documents.

Global network

We are affiliated with several large network organizations, including Atlas Logistic Network. This cooperation renders a guaranteed excellent agency worldwide.

Offices in Aalsmeer, Oud-Beijerland, and Panama

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ADR transport

For ADR transport, we arrange the transportation of dangerous goods via road. We work exclusively with ADR certified transporters to safely deliver your goods according to the laws and guidelines.


We arrange both ADR transport via road, air freight (according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Code), and sea freight (International Maritime Dangerous Goods). We service various branches and industries, such as plastics, automotive, textiles, construction, as well as the oil and gas industry. We do not provide ADR transport for IMO 1 (explosives) and IMO 7 (radioactive materials). Choose Mundo Logistics for efficient transport management and for arranging your deliveries of dangerous goods worldwide.

Please feel free to request a quotation or call us at +31 (0)186 622252 and discover our competitive transport rates.
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Groupage transport

If you have a smaller load (split consignment) that does not require a full truck, we arrange groupage transport. We combine several shipments from various parties destined for the same location. In sharing the truck loading floor with other parties, the rate is more attractive than arranging separate transport individually. Very cost-efficient. Moreover, we can guarantee short transshipment windows. These advantages make groupage an efficient way of transporting goods, which is also beneficial to the environment.


Depending on your destination, we arrange your split consignment via road transport, air freight and/or sea freight.


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