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Mundo arranges the logistics of Chicza Chewinggum

30 March 2022
Chicza chewinggum wordt door Mundo gedistribueerd

Chicza chewinggum is shipped, stored and distributed by Mundo. Chicza Chewing gum is 100% organic and therefore 100% biodegradable. Made from the sap of the Chicozapote tree from Mexico Mundo arranges the storage of Chicza Chewing gum. Mundo International is proud of this customer for whom we take care of the shipment. We also ensure…

Customs clearance for import and export

19 January 2022

When you import or export goods, we take care of the required documents. Our professional team understands customs matters. There is a lot of paperwork involved in importing your goods. The correct documents are also essential when exporting to other countries or where multiple borders are crossed. Read more

Our expertise is transport of complex goods anywhere in the world

19 January 2022
Transport of valuable racing car

No challenge is too crazy for us. We love outrageous challenges. From wind turbines to lock gates. From custom-made containers to delicate race cars. For every type of complex cargo there is a transport option that we can arrange for you.   A lot of specific knowledge is required when transporting complex goods or heavy loads. Mundo…

MKB Magazine

25 August 2020

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