Our guy in Mexico; Alejandro Garcia

I (Alejandro Garcia) live in Mérida, Mexico and am always looking for new transactions in the field of international and foreign trade.

Marcel Op den Kelder, owner of Mundo and I have always maintained an excellent relationship.
Today, at the age of 35, I have been working in this world for 14 years, which I am very fond of. This is because of how proactive it is, the trading it always brings and where you learn something new every day. It's the reason I get up every day.

Check my emails, call my customers, immerse me in an interesting logistics project and be satisfied at the end of the day that my customers were happy with my attention and with Mundo International Logistics in general. In my spare time, I do some sports, spend time with my family and rest with the satisfaction of doing a duty, and finish a perfect day for based on us who love this profession.

My goal is to create regular freight traffic between Mexico and the rest of the world and vice versa. Starting with the dynamics of sowing and then harvesting, always with the flag for good service and personal attention to the customer, and also counting on the support of my team in the Netherlands, who always assist me in the best way!

I consider myself an old-fashioned salesperson who is always committed to personal contact and a pleasant conversation. So feel free to contact me!

Alejandro Garcia Mundo International Logistics

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