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Mundo International Logistics was founded in 2010. Ten people work with dedication and a heart for transport as a well-oiled team. We are committed to your cargo and relieve you of all the logistical hassle. Because the most important thing for you is that your goods arrive safely from A to B. A few more reasons for Mundo International Logistics:

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Reliable, personal and involved

We like to put energy into good relationships with mutual trust. It may sound old-fashioned in this hectic and volatile time, but we think it is very important that you are satisfied. About our services and about the final transport.

Global network with know-how

Because we have been around for a number of years, we now have a very large worldwide network with very reliable partners who, just like us, act by the same values.

Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking people

Because we have strong connections with the Caribbean, we have colleagues who can speak to you in Spanish. Can you express yourself better in Portuguese? No problem. And of course everyone speaks English.

Team of experts and excellent know-how of the transport world

Every member of the Mundo team, wherever in the world, has extensive knowledge of the transport world. They ensure that they are aware of international laws and regulations in the field of air and sea freight. Our people know how to keep the lines short and efficient.

Own offices in Mexico, Panama, Cuba, and near Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Because we do a lot of business in Mexico, Panama and the Caribbean, it is a great advantage to have an office locally with reliable people. They know the road and regulations of the country in question like no other and can work well together.

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