Flatrack Containers

Everything you need to know about Flatrack Containers

Flatrack containers are a commonly used option in the world of logistics and transport. But what exactly are flatrack containers and how can they be used? Let's delve deeper into this topic.

What are Flatrack Containers?

A flatrack container is a special type of container that lacks side walls or a roof, but only has a floor and end walls. This allows for the transportation of large, bulky, or irregularly shaped cargoes that do not fit into standard containers.

Flatrack containers come in various sizes, but they all have a flat bottom and can be used to transport heavy equipment, machinery, large pipes, and even vehicles such as cars and trucks.

How can flatrack containers be utilized?

  • Transportation of large machinery and equipment: One of the main applications of flatrack containers is transporting large machinery and equipment that are too big for standard containers. This includes excavators, bulldozers, or even wind turbine parts.
  • Shipping heavy cargoes: Flatrack containers are ideal for transporting heavy cargoes that are too heavy for standard containers. These could be large steel plates, industrial machinery, or construction materials.
  • Vehicle transportation: Due to their open design, flatrack containers are perfect for shipping vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, and even helicopters. They provide a sturdy and secure way to transport vehicles over long distances.

Flexibility in cargo dimensions

One of the biggest advantages of flatrack containers is the flexibility in cargo dimensions. Because they lack fixed side walls, they can be customized to the specific dimensions of the cargo, making them ideal for transporting irregularly shaped goods.

Flatrack containers offer an efficient and versatile solution for transporting large, bulky, or irregularly shaped cargoes over long distances. Whether it's machinery, vehicles, or heavy equipment, flatrack containers make it possible to ship goods safely and reliably to destinations around the world.

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